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NCBI Login Page

There are many things you can do in NCBI sites without login in but for people that rely on NCBI for their work and submit to NIH there are many benefits to having an account with us. Currently our login page is not very user-friendly and has a lot of distracting information. A small team was assigned the task of redesigning the login page to improve the user experience of login in to NCBI.

One of the most important factors in the design was that the page be clean and avoid distractions. The page is strategically designed so that the user is pointed towards the login options that will be the most beneficial to the user. Secondary login optiions are still available but harder to get to. The page uses the U.S. web design standards.

The new login page is still being tested but you can see the first draft of the page.

Old NCBI login page New NCBI login page