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NCBI Journals App

NCBI developed a new app that users can use to follow journals they are interested in. The app is a one-stop shop to keep up with the latest articles and research in scientific journals. It will notify you of which of the journals you follow has new information. The app give you access to new articles so you do not need to search all over the Internet to find out what's new in your field.

I was in charge of the app's overall look. I made sure the user knows almost instinctively what this app does and why it is useful. I was given a very plain-looking page with a list of the most popular journals. I think my re-design made it more appealing so that people will like to return and use the app and also made it easy to use and understand. The page uses the U.S. web design standards.. The app has been discontinued.

Old NCBI login page New NCBI login page

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