I am a UX designer and front-end developer based in the DC Metro area. Currently I am a federal contractor at the Biomedical Applications Development Center at the National Cancer Institute. My job is to take very complex biomedical and genomic information and present it in a more understandable, user-friendly way.

Most of my work involves the redesign of already existing web applications. The process starts with an analysis of the data and user needs. After that, designs are developed and tested by users. After getting user feedback, the designs are developed by a team of web developers. Aside from the design, I also collaborate in the HTML and CSS coding of web applications.

In addition to my UX and web work, I am also resposible for the branding of BADC designing their logo and other materials. I also collaborate in the organization's design system.

Prior to working at BADC, I worked as UX Designer at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the National Institutes of Health.

Biomedical Applications Development Center

Better User Experiences

The mayority of my work these days centers in UX. For a little taste of my work process, here are two of my latest projects.