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MyNCBI Citations Page

Many of NCBI users include researchers and scientists that apply for grants at NIH. To apply for a grant at NIH everyone needs to submit a biosketch which is a type of resume in a specified format. NCBI has a tool where researchers can save research they have published and prepare their biosketch. This application is undergoing a redesign and as part of the redesign is the citations page where users can manage their list of citations.

The current page is very disorganized. To do anything, the user has to search all over the page to find what they are looking for. My redesigned page, with the help of a usability expert, is organized by grouping tasks in a more intuitive way. It also adds a new tagging functionality to help the user organize and group different citations. As with all new NCBI designs, the U.S. web design standards and accesibility are important factors. This page is under development.

Old citations page Citations page redesigned